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 Homija- a Pokemon Rp

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Splotch (Emma)
Splotch (Emma)

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Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Empty
PostSubject: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2016 7:44 pm

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  7c02f42a018e4d77976aa42cdb2f59b9

It is modern day in Homija, and the Emperor has died, leaving his young son as regent in his place. With the royal Inoue line dangerously close to extinction, this new Emperor has summoned the nobility to the capital of Fujiwara for his coronation, and it is suspected that he is looking for a wife ― and possibly new allies. The great clans are discontent. Emperor Kaito Inoue, father of the new boy-ruler, had a well-known suspicion of his lords and subjects, and he had went to great lengths before his death to curb their power. But now Kaito is dead, and no one is quite sure about this new boy, or how well his young shoulders will bear the weight of regency.

Strange rumors are floating around as well. Some are suggesting that Kaito was murdered ― either by his lords, his lady wife Empress Dowager Ayame, or even by the legendary Witch-Queen Hitomi, although she was said to have disappeared hundreds of years ago, before the Inoues grasped control of the continent.

There has been peculiar gossip about the new Emperor as well. In bars and shops, in hushed voices, people talk about how he has not left the royal palace in Fujiwara in any capacity for years, perhaps ever. These are uneasy times, and uncertainty and distrust has gripped the nation.

You are a child of one of the seventeen great lords of Homija, headed to the capital for the Emperor's coronation. As befits your high birth, you are an accomplished Pokémon trainer, and a master of your clan's honored and ancient type. You and your family will be summoned to the imperial court for the crowning of the new Emperor Ryuunosuke Inoue, but so far, you have not even been allowed inside the royal palace, and there has been no sight or sound of the Emperor. Until then, make new friends, make new enemies, and meet new people; the children of the other great lords of Homija. Friendship will be important in these upcoming perilous times...

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Splotch (Emma)
Splotch (Emma)

Posts : 20
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Join date : 2016-01-24
Age : 19

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2016 7:50 pm

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  21fb26559fe14f88a7bf0b0386da9a33

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Splotch (Emma)
Splotch (Emma)

Posts : 20
Points : 43
Join date : 2016-01-24
Age : 19

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2016 7:51 pm



Modern Homijan society, despite everything, remains highly class-based and family-oriented, and the nobility are at the very forefront. The eighteen great clans act as government figures in their own domains, yet as time has progressed, the highborn have taken on an increasingly celebrity-like role in Homijan pop culture. The latest drama and scandals, ranging from wardrobe malfunctions to family disputes, are sure to end up in the tabloids, and you can be sure that the rest of the country will be talking about it until something juicier comes along. While some, especially the older generation, hold nothing but disdain for the country's ever-softening perception of the noble families, some have embraced these new celebrity roles with open arms. Kaori Yoshida, for example, is the lead vocalist of the wildly popular band Fairy Kick ― a national sensation.

While the nobility govern their domains and get shoved into the national spotlight, the lowborn serve the people. The lowest range from rural farmers to fishermen, while an affluent middle class arises in the form of shopkeepers, teachers, scientists, policemen, and soldiers. The cream of the crop include actors, musicians, and famous authors and artists. On top of them all, however, above the lowborn and the seventeen noble clans, are the royal family ― the Inoues, who conquered the continent hundreds of years ago, and have ruled ever since. They live a secluded life, rarely leaving Fujiwara, possibly because of Emperor Kaito's distrust of his lords. Some revere them, some fear them, and some detest them, but still the Inoue clan holds a deified and respected position in Homijan society.

Even though the lowborn have risen a little higher and are afforded much more liberties than in the past, as expected of any civilized modern nation, it can't be said that there is equality in the country. Birth and lineage remain possibly the most important aspect of Homijan society. Democracy is essentially non-existent, with governing falling on the Emperor, his council, and his lords, with the Diet (or parliament) being little more than the Emperor's puppets. The nobility, in some fashion, remain above the law. As part of ancient tradition, a noble reserves the right to punish any lowborn in any way he or she sees fit, for any reason. Outside of the cities, the countryside is wild and dotted with rudimentary villages, and these rural areas hold much less progressive beliefs than the rest of Homija.

It is traditionally considered disrespectful to address anyone by their given name, especially those of noble birth. In modern times, this convention has been relaxed, and it is acceptable among close friends to refer to each other by their given names, but with the nobles and the royal family, it is considered highly inappropriate. Nobles are to be addressed as "my lord" or "my lady", while the Emperor is addressed as "Your Majesty."


The continent of Homija consists of three major islands. The largest, commonly just referred to as the "mainland", is the island of Hondo. To the southwest is the island of Minami, and to the southeast is Nanban.

The country is divided into eighteen provinces, all ruled by a historical family who act as governors within their own regions. They answer only to the Emperor, who rules the country from the national capital of Fujiwara. Each province is associated with one of the eighteen types.

Homija's climate is overall relatively temperate, but it gets colder the more west you go.

The Three Rebellions

Since the Inoue conquest, there have been three major uprisings against the Emperor, the effects of which can still be felt today.

The Witch's Dance (1669)
After the first Inoue Emperor died, the throne was passed down to his son, a young, weak, and feeble boy, ill-advised by a squabbling council of fools, flatterers, and schemers. The clans sensed his weakness, and in 1669, a crone emerged from the icy wastes of Nagaiyo, saying that the Witch-Queen had spoken to her in a vision, promising the end of the Inoue line and the beginning of a new glory age. The crone earned an unprecedentedly large following, and soon, the Yukimuras and the Yoshidas rose in revolt, followed by other opportunistic lords.

The Emperor's iron-fisted uncle, however, did not possess the same weakness. The rebellion, known as the Witch's Dance for the ritualistic dancing of the crone's followers, was ruthlessly crushed in under a year.

Witch's Rebels: Yukimura, Yoshida, Tsukino, Fukui, Miyamoto
Other Rebels: Kagome, Mizushima, Kimura, Akiyama, Himura
Royalists: Inoue, Kita, Nakahara, Oshiro, Takahashi
Neutrals: Tanaka, Yamauchi, Kurosawa

The Defiance of Hitaki (1876)
What began as a minor tax issue quickly flared into a full scale rebellion that swept through the entire nation when Tatsukichi Akiyama killed the Emperor's brother in the skies above Hitaki. The country had been sunk into debt by the royal family's many extravagances, and the taxes had come down especially hard on the greater and richer clans. Not content with funding anymore lavish royal balls in Fujiwara, the Akiyamas refused to pay their dues to the government, and when Shirai Inoue came circling above Hitaki on the back of his Noivern, Tatsukichi infamously struck him down with a well-placed Zap Cannon. The Kaminari province seceded, and was swiftly followed by the other great clans. A long civil war followed, ending in the near destruction of Hitaki and the surrender of the remaining rebellious lords.

Rebels: Akiyama, Himura, Mizushima, Kagome, Oshiro, Tsukino, Yoshida, Tanaka
Royalists: Inoue, Kita, Nakahara, Takahashi, Fukui, Miyamoto, Kurosawa
Neutrals: Yukimura, Kimura, Yamauchi

War of the Black Prince (1932)
The country found itself divided once again when a succession crisis split the lords of Homija. On one hand was the rogue-hearted Tsunayoshi Inoue, commonly known as the Black Prince, and on the other was the late Emperor's iron-willed daughter, Haruka Inoue, who was trueborn but a woman and younger by ten years. When nothing could be negotiated, it soon came to war, the most devastating the nation had seen yet. When the Rogue Prince was killed in battle however, and his backers found themselves facing a likely execution at the hands of Haruka, the war of succession turned into a desperate fight for independence. In the end, the rebels were crushed and destroyed, but Haruka suffered an untimely death soon after and was succeeded by her young son, Sugita.

Rebels: Inoue (the Black Prince), Tsukino, Kimura, Kurosawa, Miyamoto, Takahashi, Yukimura, Akiyama, Himura, Yamauchi, Tanaka
Royalists: Inoue (Haruka), Kita, Mizushima, Kagome, Oshiro, Fukui, Yoshida, Nakahara


While secularism is on the rise, religion remains prevalent and an important influence in politics and daily life in the country. They are based around a pantheon of legendary Pokémon, whose origins are shrouded in myth. They are neither male nor female, there is only one of each in existence, they cannot breed or give birth (and are presumably immortal), they cannot be caught or tamed by man, and there is no proven evidence of their existence or location, although they are said to take physical form. The Emperor is considered a god himself.

There are three major religious holidays in Homija, although they have devolved to the point where the religious aspect has become largely unimportant to the majority of those who celebrate them.

Flower Festival - a day long event to celebrate the end of winter and the birth of new life. It's customary for people to go out into the fields and pluck flowers for their loved ones.
Passion Festival - a three day festival held in the heat of summer.
Harvest Festival - a week long festival to celebrate the harvest and the last days before winter. Autumn-themed decorations are put up across every city, the streets are lined with food stalls, the days are spent playing in leaves, eating hot food, and enjoying the last days before winter, and the nights are often spent around bonfires. A traditional activity for young children is picking berries out in the woods.

There are many gods in Homija, all of which are believed to control an aspect of life. Some are revered more than others.

Articuno - goddess of snow, ice, cold, and death.
Zapdos - god of thunder and lightning.
Moltres - goddess of fire.

Mew - goddess of motherhood, purity, innocence, and mirages.

Entei - god of raw power, strength, and volcanoes
Raikou - god of speed, lightning, and thunder.
Suicune - goddess of clear water and the northern winds.

Lugia - god of storms and the sea.
Ho-oh - goddess of rainbows and happiness.

Celebi - goddess of time and forests.

Regice - god of ice and glaciers.
Regirock - god of stone and earth.
Registeel - god of metal and ores.
Regigigas - god of continents and crafters.

Latios - god of flight and compassion.
Latias - goddess of concealment and secrets.

Groudon - god of land, heat, and light.
Kyogre - god of the sea, water, and rain.
Rayquaza - god of the sky and clouds.

Jirachi - goddess of wishes.

Azelf - god of lakes and willpower.
Uxie - goddess of lakes, knowledge, and memory.
Mesprit - goddess of lakes, spirit, and emotion.

Dialga - god of time.
Palkia - god of space.
Giratina - god of distortion and peculiarity.

Cresselia - goddess of the moon, auroras, and good dreams.
Darkrai - god of night, darkness, and nightmares.

Manaphy - goddess of friendship.
Phione - goddess of homes and drifters.

Heatran - god of magma and volcanic caves.

Shaymin - goddess of flowers, spring, and gratitude.

Arceus - god of creation.

Victini - god of victory.

Cobalion - god of justice and masters.
Virizion - goddess of justice and sanctuary.
Terrakion - god of justice and protection.
Keldeo - god of justice and water.

Tornadus - god of gales and storms.
Thundurus - god of lightning and thunder.
Landorus - god of harvest, fields, and abundance.

Reshiram - god of fire and truth.
Zekrom - god of lightning and ideals.
Kyurem - god of cold and nothingness.

Meloetta - goddess of music and feelings.

Xerneas - god of eternal life.
Yveltal - god of chaos.
Zygarde - god of nature and balance.

Diancie - god of diamonds.
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Splotch (Emma)
Splotch (Emma)

Posts : 20
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PostSubject: Re: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2016 7:53 pm

The Great Clans

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Kyoto_Prefecture.svg
The Inoue Clan
Masters of Dragon

Current Head: Emperor Ryuunosuke Inoue
Regional Capital: Fujiwara
Province: Ryunoji ― vast country marked by mountains, waterfalls, high meadows, and shadowed vales

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Saga_Prefecture.svg
The Kita Clan
Masters of Grass

Current Head: Lord Noritada Kita
Regional Capital: Kitachiya
Province: Sogen ― lush, green, and verdant fields and meadows, with swaths of forest across the region

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Kagoshima_Prefecture.svg
The Kagome Clan
Masters of Fighting

Current Head: Lord Shigemori Kagome
Regional Capital: Oyadakin
Province: Sengoku ― a rugged country split by crags and canyons

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Hyogo_Prefecture.svg
The Mizushima Clan
Masters of Water

Current Head: Lord Hiroshi Mizushima
Regional Capital: Maezuma
Province: Shimajima ― lush and verdant islands made green by their many rivers

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Saitama_Prefecture.svg
The Himura Clan
Masters of Fire

Current Head: Lord Mikio Himura
Regional Capital: Kara
Province: Hinkoku ― harsh and rugged mountains and badlands, known for its volcanoes

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Gunma_Prefecture.svg
The Tsukino Clan
Masters of Dark

Current Head: Lord Masato Tsukino
Regional Capital: Shiki
Province: Norowa ― a hilly region with plenty of forests and deep caves

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Fukui_Prefecture.svg
The Fukui Clan
Masters of Psychic

Current Head: Lady Wazuka Fukui
Regional Capital: Tama
Province: Saino ― an incredibly modernized and advanced region of sprawling cities

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Akita_Prefecture.svg
The Akiyama Clan
Masters of Electricity

Current Head: Lord Yamato Akiyama
Regional Capital: Hitaki
Province: Kaminari ― densely wooded hills

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Hokkaido_Prefecture.svg
The Yukimura Clan
Masters of Ice

Current Head: Lord Hajime Yukimura
Regional Capital: Fukaidai
Province: Nagaiyo ― cold, bleak, and dismal icy wasteland

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Shizuoka_Prefecture.svg
The Tanaka Clan
Masters of Ground

Current Head: Lord Hisayuki Tanaka
Regional Capital: Nyoonai
Province: Sabaku ― expansive desert that stretches on for hundreds of miles

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Iwate_Prefecture.svg
The Oshiro Clan
Masters of Steel

Current Head: Lord Tatsuya Oshiro
Regional Capital: Mioka
Province: Kinzoku ― a hilly and mountainous region rich with rare metals and ores.

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Tottori_Prefecture.svg
The Takahashi Clan
Masters of Flying

Current Head: Lady Aki Takahashi
Regional Capital: Sakawa
Province: Samuiyama ― extremely mountainous region sitting on an elevated plateau

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Ehime_Prefecture.svg
The Yoshida Clan
Masters of Fairy

Current Head: Lord Sawao Yoshida
Regional Capital: Hikatsu
Province: Negai ― forested countryside, mostly untouched

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Ibaraki_Prefecture.svg
The Miyamoto Clan
Masters of Ghost

Current Head: Lady Koko Miyamoto
Regional Capital: Sasoda
Province: Shishakuni ― country of dark forests and misty valleys

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Nara_Prefecture.svg
The Nakahara Clan
Masters of Normal

Current Head: Lord Koyo Nakahara
Regional Capital: Nanaka
Province: Ketsukei ― mostly empty fields and rural farmland

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Kumamoto_Prefecture.svg
The Kurosawa Clan
Masters of Poison

Current Head: Lord Junzo Kurosawa
Regional Capital: Matsayama
Province: Kuro Mashu ― a region covered in swamps, bogs, and marshland, much of it uncharted and dangerous

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Kagawa_Prefecture.svg
The Kimura Clan
Masters of Bug

Current Head: Lord Seiki Kimura
Regional Capital: Katsuko
Province: Mori ― a densely forested region, much of it unexplored and untouched

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  320px-Flag_of_Toyama_Prefecture.svg
The Yamauchi Clan
Masters of Rock

Current Head: Lord Noritada Yamauchi
Regional Capital: Iwaken
Province: Tochiyama ― mountainous country pocked with caves and canyons
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Splotch (Emma)
Splotch (Emma)

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Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2016 8:00 pm

Signing Up

The Rules

  1. I'll get the most important rule out of the way first: realism. Yes, I know it's a stupid Pokémon RP taking place in a goofy feudal country I made up, but realism is important to me. Your Arcanine does not yap "ARCANINEARCANINEARCANINE" over and over again, for example. It barks like a dog. In the same vein, your Arcanine does not understand English (or Japanese I guess), or have the mental capacity to form coherent thoughts. It's just a giant dog that breathes fire. Similarly, your character can't jump ten feet in the air or anything nonsensical like that. Makes sense? I'm not going to nitpick everything, since Homija isn't exactly a realistic society in itself, but if I find something too over-the-top, I'm going to call you out on it.
  2. Please respect the lore. It's really not complicated. If you look like you have no idea what you're doing and you're flaunting everything I've established in this OP, then I'm going to kick you out. You don't have to be an expert on Japanese culture or anything to understand what I've written out here; it's really all pretty simplistic.
  3. I don't really care at all about post length, as long as you're active in the thread and not causing any problems. Take too long trying to make every post a novel and you'll die. Flood the thread with one-liners and you'll also die. You'll get plenty of warnings beforehand, but don't test the patience of your fellow roleplayers.
  4. I reserve the right to kick you out and kill your characters if you're causing problems. Don't derail the thread, godmod, flaunt the rules, or hijack the RP, or else you're outta here.
  5. You are a noble and a child (or nephew/niece) of one of the great lords. You can't be a commoner or a part of the royal family. This is just to make things simple.
  6. If you stop posting for a period of time, your characters will be killed and we'll go on without you. You can make new ones if you want, but I'm not going to let someone singlehandedly kill the thread with laziness and inactivity.
  7. Anyone can join at any time, even long after we've started, although I have the right to deny your creation for any reason.
  8. For the most part, I plan for our characters to all stick together, but they might split up if necessary. If that happens, then just preface your posts with "at ____." The world is big, after all.
  9. There will be violence and some pretty dark, mature content. Lots of people and Pokémon will die violently. There is a chance that your parents will get eaten alive, caught on fire, or otherwise brutally murdered. Such is life. You've been warned.
  10. No killing other people's Pokémon or characters without permission, but NPCs are fair game, unless I say otherwise. Some NPCs will have plot armor and can't just get killed on a whim.
  11. You can have up to three characters at any given time. Liberally kill them off to make new ones, if you care to. You won't be allowed more than the limit, though.
  12. This is an official cursing zone. I'm going to allow mild swearing in this topic and in the RP, but I would very much prefer it if you kept it to a minimum. We're still trying to follow school rules, and I'm probably going to catch some flak for allowing even this.
  13. You can have up to six Pokémon, at any evolutionary form you want. No legendaries.
  14. If you have something OOC to say, post it here. This is the place to discuss things and ask questions. Please don't bombard me with PMs.
  15. Enjoy yourself! This is for fun. If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right.

The Template

Appearance: Anime-style, please. Sprites are welcomed, but include a larger anime-style picture as well.

Name: Japanese, please. Your surname is decided for you, obviously.
Age: You can be as young as seven or as old as twenty. It doesn't really matter, as long as you're not too old.
Relation to Clan Head: Tatsuya Oshiro is the lord of the Oshiro clan. Are you his son? Daughter? Nephew? Niece? How are you related?

Height: Self-explanatory. Imperial system, please.
Weight: See above.
Hair Color: This is for your current hair color. You can dye your hair whatever wild color you want, but just remember that you weren't born with a bright green mop on your head.
Eye Color: Whatever it is in your appearance, even if it's farfetched (e.g. violet or gold). Anime pictures obviously make this hard to work with, so I won't be too miffed if you've got eyes like amethysts.

Pokémon Team: Like I stated in the rules, you can have up to six, in whatever evolved form you want. Only four moves, and no legendaries. There aren't any levels or stats here, so don't worry about that. Remember that each clan has a focus on a particular type. You aren't restrained to a certain type, but it is expected of you by the people of Homija. A Tsukino using a lot of Fairy-types would be considered very scandalous, for example.

Dialog Color: Basically to color what your character says. You don't have to if you don't want, but it is encouraged.

[center][img]appearance here[/img][/center]

[b]Relation to Clan Head[/b]:

[b]Hair Color[/b]:
[b]Eye Color[/b]:

[b]Pokémon Team[/b]:

[b]Dialog Color[/b]:[/font]

Accepted Characters

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Splotch (Emma)
Splotch (Emma)

Posts : 20
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PostSubject: Re: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2016 8:33 pm

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  3aeb20b13d214adbad5d69216e4b8466

Name:Yashushi Miyamoto
Age: 16 Years of age
Relation to Clan Head: Son

Weight: 140 Ibs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green

Pokémon Team:
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Banette
Insomnia - Prevents the Pokémon from falling asleep.
Faint Attack/Shadow Ball/Sucker Punch/Double Edge

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Gengar
Levitate - Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
Dark Pulse/Sucker Punch/Sludge Bomb/Foul Play

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Rotom
Levitate - Gives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.
Discharge/Hex/Confuse Ray/Ominous Wind

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Frillish
Water Absorb - Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move.
Hydro pump/Recover/Surf/Scald

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Lampent
Infiltrator - Passes through the foe's barrier and strikes.

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Golurk
Iron Fist - Boosts the power of punching moves.
Dynamic Punch/Mud Slap/Mega Punch/Phantom Force

Dialog Color:Darkslategray

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  1UkYt20Homija- a Pokemon Rp  1UkYt20
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Giphy
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  1UkYt20Homija- a Pokemon Rp  1UkYt20
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PostSubject: Re: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitimeWed Sep 14, 2016 10:15 pm

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Anime_girl_render_13_by_zoisitesarugaki-d6unr55
Name: Kyoto Fukui
Relation to Clan Head:Daughter

Weight:105 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Magenta

Pokemon Team:
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Spr_6x_678_m
Infitrator-ignores the effects of a target's Reflect, Light Screen, Safeguard, and Mist
Confusion/Psybeam/Disarming Voice/Psychic
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Spr_5b_475
Steadfast-increases the user's Speed stat by one stage when flinched.
Leaf Blade/Confusion/Slash/Feint
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Spr_5b_518
Synchronize-When a Pokémon with Synchronize is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned by another Pokémon, that Pokémon will be inflicted with the same status condition
Psybeam/Psychic/Shadow Ball/Hidden Power
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Spr_5b_196
Synchronize-When a Pokémon with Synchronize is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned by another Pokémon, that Pokémon will be inflicted with the same status condition
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Spr_5b_358
Levitate-Pokémon with this Ability immune to damaging Ground-type moves
Confusion/Yawn/Astonish/Double Edge
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Spr_5b_282
Trace-changes into the Ability of the opponent
Confusion/Disarming Voice/Magical Leaf/Psychic
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PostSubject: Re: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitimeThu Sep 22, 2016 9:05 pm

Homija- a Pokemon Rp  3b4dd09169a220b12672c6251706f0ef

Name: Akira Yoshida
Age: 17 years old
Relation to Clan Head: Son

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 Ibs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Pokémon Team:
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Sylveon
Cute Charm - With contact there is a 30% of infatuation from the opposite gender.
Dazzling Gleam/Light Screen/Shadow Ball/Draining Kiss
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Togetic
Serene Grace - Doubles the chance of an additional effect on certain moves.
Wish/Psychic/Aerial Ace/Flamethrower
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Azumarill
Huge Power - Doubles attack stat
Aqua Tail/Play Rough/Double-Edge/Brick Break
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Clefable
Magic Guard - Prevents indirect damage, doesn't stop it from being induced.
Return/Reflect/Ice Beam/Fire Blast
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Mawile
Hyper Cutter - Prevents Attack from being reduced (With exceptions)
Crunch/Swords Dance/Iron Head/Giga Impact
Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Gardevoir
Synchronize - If inflicted with a status effect the opponent is also inflicted with it.
Moonblast/Energy Ball/Hyponsis/Dream Eater

Dialog Color:
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PostSubject: Re: Homija- a Pokemon Rp    Homija- a Pokemon Rp  Icon_minitime

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Homija- a Pokemon Rp
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