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 So I finished Death Note...

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So I finished Death Note... Empty
PostSubject: So I finished Death Note...   So I finished Death Note... Icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2016 12:06 am

Yep. Just finished Death Note. The overall anime was pretty fantastic. I loved the suspense and action. I've only seen a few animes, but I have to say this one was very good. To be honest, I'm one of those people who was pretty happy with the ending.


So I finished Death Note... Giphy

Okay. Let's be real. I hated it when L died. Like c'mon. You can't kill my smol child. He was such a fantastic character, and I wish he stayed around longer to defeat Light.
Neer was a brilliant character too, but you can't shove another precious bean at me right after the other literally just got killed. That's a no. I don't think I enjoyed his character as much as I did with L. But he's so precious, you gotta love him.
Literally I was shaking the last two episodes. I could tell something was going to go wrong, and low and behold, it did. Light screwed up pretty bad and the ending was so bittersweet. (Light's laughing put me on edge though.) And Matsuda! Sweet little Matdusa completely lashing out on Light. Like dang.
When Ryuk had to write Light's name in the Death Note, that hit me pretty hard in the feels. I loved their somewhat of a friendship, but it all had to come down to that.
And the credits! With Misa and L and ohmygod my feels can't take all that.
And can we talk about that red and blue symbolism?! Dang, that's some good stuff.


Overall, Death Note was a pretty good anime. Has anyone else seen this? Wanna fangirl/boy and cry with me?
Okay I feel like this was way too long. Thanks for reading all the way down if you did. That's all I've got to fangirl about, so see you guys later.

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So I finished Death Note... Empty
PostSubject: Re: So I finished Death Note...   So I finished Death Note... Icon_minitimeTue Sep 06, 2016 5:22 pm

Get outta here if you dont want spoilers
This is for your protection dear children

Hello fellow sufferer. If that's a word
Gah, to be honest that little block of writing brought back a whole lot of feels. I haven't watched many animes recently myself, I think I watched Death Note a year or two ago?
I forget.
L was my favorite character. He was the bomb-diggity, ya know? I finished the anime, but gave up once L died. I just couldn't.
I legit don't remember what happened after L died. I know two new characters were created, one went psycho while the other turned into mini L.
It was so sad because L was getting an actual friend for once, who ended up being a crazy murder. But you know that's cool because plot.
I feel your pain
So I finished Death Note... 246863385

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So I finished Death Note...
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