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 EllaJournal's (Emily #2) Introduction

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EllaJournal's (Emily #2) Introduction Empty
PostSubject: EllaJournal's (Emily #2) Introduction   EllaJournal's (Emily #2) Introduction Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2016 12:04 am

What up, mah home-dogs.

My name is Emily (Numero dos), and I am a small female child living in the 3rd level of high school hell (junior year).

A few of the anime that I have watched include:
- Gay, attractive high school dudes + one androgynous female
- Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
- Some of Fairy Tail
- Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
- Smol child gets eaten by his hot date and obtains a rad-looking eye-patch (level up!)
- Other smol child, his overpowered sister/girlfriend?, and his wimpy nerd friend fight naked giants with a really short guy who likes to clean
- Another smol child is forced to become an overpowered game character and obtains a harem (level up!)
- Girl with pigtails, an overconfident starfish, some dude with ocd, and a depressed hermaphrodite fight an evil mummified hot guy and the Mother From Hell using their friends as weaponry
- Blue Exorcist
- NORAGAMI!!!!!!!
- Future Diary
- GURREN LAGANN (tears.  misery.  death.  despair.  sadness.  denial.  screaming.  crying.  oceans of blood and tears. DEATH.)
- Angel Beats (didn't cry?)
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Sorry not sorry, but I am of the unpopular persuasion that this show was crap)
- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (fREAKING SHOU TUCKER, MAN.  DIS BITCH.)
- K Project
- The Devil is a Part-Timer
- My Little Monster

My favorite pass-times include:
- Writing
- Drawing
- Graphic Design
- Coding (I'm taking a Java class; so far I gotta say it's pretty dope)
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EllaJournal's (Emily #2) Introduction
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